Wecoline for cleaning companies

As the director of a cleaning company, it is your challenge to combine a clean and hygienic result with a healthy return. Ideally, you ensure an effective cleaning method on a daily basis, without losing sight of efficiency, and it is precisely that which Wecovi can help you with. A good cleaner works with suitable Wecoline equipment, containing all materials required for a thorough cleaning and an optimal hygienic result. A cleaner with Wecoline products works efficiently and with pleasure.
You order your products simply and quickly from Wecoline. Apart from a complete range of quality materials for traditional cleaning, you will also find at Wecovi their inventive micro fibre concept. This cleaning system is based on the unique properties of micro fibres. At Wecoline, you compose your own complete trolley, including cloths, floor wipers and scouring sponges. Everything is perfectly coordinated and arranged in an instant.

Apart from the wide range available from stock, you can also opt for specific Wecoline solutions. We are convinced that our innovations can only work if our products and services match well with your requirements. That is why your input is important to our innovation strategy. It can result in new cleaning solutions, such as the effective 2Turn mop system and the Clean 'n Easy Superior Single Use concept.

When putting together our range of products, ergonomics, efficiency and socially responsible products are the three most important principles. The complete range can be bought directly from our distributors.

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