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Eenschoten retires, Haarman new financial director Wecovi

February 21, 2017

Peter Haarman will succeed Gert Eenschoten as Financial & Operational director. Peter joined Wecovi on 1 January 2017, in time to be well-prepared for taking over the tasks of retiring Gert Eenschoten. Gert will pass the baton to Peter on 28 February 2017.

45 years of service

At the end of February, Gert Eenschoten will retire from Wecovi’s management. Gert has worked at Wecovi since 1972 and has contributed to the successful growth of the family concern. After 45 years of service, Gert has seen and supervised many highlights and changes, such as relocations, the foundation of Wecovi GmbH, Wecovi Ltd and Wecovi Industrial, new construction and renovation works, the takeover of a textile wholesale company, the set-up and extension of the production department.

“I can look back on a very beautiful and warm period at Wecovi and I am leaving the company with pain in my heart. Financially, last year was the best year in Wecovi’s history; I could not conclude my career in a better way,” says a proud but also somewhat emotional Gert.

Hans Paul Visscher, General Director and owner: “Gert has seen Wecovi expand into an internationally strongly growing company. Partly thanks to his valuable contribution in the financial department, we have been able to make important steps in strengthening and maintaining our international trade position. We thank Gert for his contribution, his commitment and dedication and wish him a great retirement.”

Internal reallocation on management level

Gert’s departure and Peter’s arrival have resulted in a reallocation of some disciplines on management level. As before, the general management stays with Hans Paul Visscher. Various operational tasks, previously executed by Hans Paul, will be taken over by Derik and Peter.
Derik Landman, previously Sales & Marketing Director, now also manages the Purchase Department, making him Commercial Director. Apart from managing the Financial Department, HR and ICT, Peter also has the final responsibility for the Logistics and Production Departments.  

The renewed management team and employees of Wecovi are, together with the experience contributed by Peter, ready to further expand Wecovi’s successes.

About Wecovi

Wecovi is an innovative family concern, founded in 1971. With Head Office in Zwolle and branches in UK and Germany, the company has over 45 years of national and international experience. Time and again, Wecovi manages to surprise the industry with the best cleaning materials, guest sets and inventory products.

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