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Thanks to Slim4, Wecovi gets optimal inventory management

February 20, 2018

Wecovi has chosen for Slim4 and is aiming for a stock reduction of 20%. This creates a lower pressure on the stock capital and enables more efficient warehouse management. This also improves the service level, expects purchasing manager Albert Marskamp.

The head office and central warehouse of Wecovi are located in Zwolle with offices in Germany, England and France as well.  Due to the growth that the company has experienced in recent years, the warehouse is now starting to get too small. "The expectation is that with Slim4 we can reduce our stock with twenty percent. This means that we will have more pallet places available for storage again, "says Marskamp. Due to the extra storage space that is released, the warehouse can function optimally again.

Optimal orders

There are a number of specific parts within Slim4 that, according to Marskamp, will lead to the reduction of the stock. He first mentions the determination of the right orders. "Many of our articles show a seasonal pattern. Demand patterns can also suddenly change as new customers arrive or existing customers leave. This you have to take into account in the ordering process, otherwise you can just order too much. Even with introductions of new articles you have to be keen and actively follow how the development of the demand. Slim4 will help us with this. "

Purchasing department more efficient

But there are other benefits that Marskamp sees when introducing Slim4. For example, the automatic replenishment of purchase orders to the minimum or optimal order quantity. The purchasing department of Wecovi can also work more efficiently because employees get a dashboard and only have to focus on the excesses. "As a result, they keep time that they can spend on their primary purchasing tasks."

The image above this article shows Wecovi's supply chain team from left to right: Niels Hutten (production planner), Samet Tercanlioglu (buyer), Albert Marskamp (purchasing manager) and Jelmer Slot (junior buyer).