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Wecoline Full Cycle® pads by Americo certified by Green Seal™

September 12, 2017

Wecovi is proud to have earned the Green Seal™ certificate for Environmental Innovation for our Wecoline Full Cycle® pads by Americo. Recently it was announced that the recycled base component to make the Wecoline Full Cycle® pads by Amercio, were up to the Green Seal environmental standards. Wecovi is proud to announce that all 16 Wecoline Full Cycle® pads in our product range have now  also earned this certificate.

One of Wecovi’s corporate responsibilities is the wellbeing of the environment. By earning the Green Seal™ certificate Wecovi puts itself apart from other floor pad suppliers. The floor pads have earned the Green Seal certificate because all floor pads by Americo are made from 100% recycled  biodegradable materials  (see also GreenSeal.org/GS20).

The trend in ‘Green Cleaning’ is becoming increasingly important

As with other products, floor pad innovation has been following the green trend for over 10 years. Wecoline Full Cycle® pads by Americo are made exclusively from recycled PET plastic from soda and water bottles. By using recycled plastic for all Full Cycle® floor pads Wecoline is preventing that millions of plastic bottles end up in landfills every year.

These Full Cycle® pads are also made from biodegradable materials  which deteriorate   faster than conventional pads, which in turn reduces the amount of waste in landfills

The Wecoline pads by Americo were awarded with the Innovation Award in the Sustainable Cleaning category during the Cleaning Show 2015.

Introduction by CMS Berlin

Wecoline presents the entire Green Seal™ certified product range during the CMS in Berlin from September 19th until the 22nd. When you see the Green Seal® logo, you will know you are contributing to a better and cleaner environment. You will find the logo on several other products on the Wecoline website and other advertisements.

Make a responsible choice by choosing  floor cleaning solution products by Wecoline Full Cycle® pads Americo.

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