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Wecovi takes over Spanish Futuro Kits de Servico

November 13, 2017

From November first 2017 Wecovi has taken over the corporate responsibilities of Futuro Kits de Servicio because of the retirement of the previous owner, Mr. Heitbrink. Since 1996 Futuro has been the distributor of Wecovi Service and has been selling guest sets within Spain.

In 1996 Joost Heitbrink started working together with Wecovi. Through this he became preferred partner to sell Wecovi Service sets within Spain. This has been a very pleasant cooperation for Wecovi and Servicio alike. On November first, Joost retired. This means Futuro Kits de servicio will no longer be active within Spain.

Accessibility sales office

Wecovi has taken over all activities and responsibilities from Futuro and will continue with the Wecovi Service brand in Spain from this point onward. The sales office in Spain is open from Monday till Friday between 9.00 till 18.00 through email venta@wecovi.com or by phone on +34 93 445 27 01 (fax +34 93 344 32 99). Purchasing products online is also possible through the Wecovi Service website.

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