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Wecovi on the move

June 13, 2017

Last February Wecovi started the project 'Wecovi on the move'. All Wecovi employees had the opportunity to participate in the local event Zwolse Half Marathon or the 4 English Miles. Under the professional guidance of Peppergym, the participants started a training program of 14 weeks. The event took place last Saturday June 10 in Zwolle. Sixteen colleagues have signed up for this sportive challenge.

CSR policy

The reason to start the project 'Wecovi on the move' is the sharpened, still evolving, CSR policy. Since early 2017, Wecovi is a member of CSR Netherlands. The project group, consisting of directors and MT members of Wecovi, has identified four CSR pillars that are important for Wecovi. One of them is 'work, health and vitality'. Participation in the Zwolse Half Marathon and the 4 English Miles fits well within this pillar.

Of the sixteen participants, four colleagues finished the half marathon and ten colleagues the 4 English miles. Two colleagues suffered from a slight injury during the training therefore they unfortunately could not participate. They stood alongside with other not-running colleagues to encourage the running team. The Wecovi team was recognized by the black Craft running clothing with Wecovi logo, made possible by Wecovi's management.

Wecovi remains on the move

The team looks back with great pleasure and is also feeling fitter. If you sport in a group, it is easier to keep up and it increases involvement of the other colleagues. The enthusiasm is still present afterwards, and participation in other possible team rides in the direct area of Zwolle is being looked after. Next year there is another sportive challenge on the agenda.