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Wecovi again ISO certified

February 3, 2017

As from 2010, Wecovi has been ISO9001 certified, which means that Wecovi’s Quality Management System is assessed annually by Bureau Veritas. This assessment guarantees that Wecovi complies with their severe quality criteria and that continuous improvements of the processes is embedded in the organisation.

ISO9001:2015 norm

In previous years, Wecovi was assessed conform the ISO9001:2008 norm. Once every few years, this norm is amended and adapted to the present day. For that reason, the new norm ISO9001:2015 was introduced in 2015. At that occasion, a number of things were changed profoundly:  

  1. The company works according to HLS (High Level Structure), a plug-in model forming the basic structure with core requirements for all Management systems.
  2. The relevant stakeholders and their needs and expectations must be established.
  3. The executive board plays a bigger role and must show leadership.
  4. The Quality management system should be based on risk-based thinking, where the system and all relevant activities are judged continuously on possible risks and opportunities.  

Presentation certificate new norm

Wecovi has adjusted, and where possible improved, their Quality Management System in 2016. This week, this was rewarded with the presentation of the certificate that complies with the ISO9001:2015 norm. The certification is valid until 21 January 2020.

The auditor was impressed with the professional appearance of Wecovi’s company and employees, a compliment for the whole team.

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